South Hill Spokane Urgent Care Clinic: Prepare to Conquer a 5K Run

Make sure your body is all set for the Annual Bulldog 5K charity run at the McCarthey Athletic Center at Gonzaga University. You need proper preparation so that you can join and have fun with other runners, walkers, and joggers participating in the event to benefit Second Harvest. Without preparation, you might sustain injuries that could cut the fun short and bring you to a South Hill Spokane urgent care clinic. So, to ensure that you’re ready physically, mentally, and emotionally, follow these tips.


Get Enough Sleep

Excitement may build on the night before the event, so you may not sleep that much. This is why you need to start getting enough sleep two days prior. Take those days off and rest well. You need as much energy as you can, and lack of sleep can significantly reduce your energy levels.

Eat Just Right

Don’t go to the race without consuming any food. Make sure you eat something about two hours before the start of the race. Eat a simple meal such as a bowl of oatmeal with dried fruits, peanut butter bagel, and a sports bar. These are enough to give you the nutrients and energy you need for the activity. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Always bring a bottle of water or a sports drink with you as you’re going to need those electrolytes.

Come an Hour Early

Avoid rushing to find a parking spot, get your packet, and warm up by coming to the venue 60 minutes before the start. This way, you have plenty of time to relax and stretch those muscles. Do everything you need to do and spend the final minutes conditioning your mind to address the rigors of the race.

Warm Up

Never join a run without proper warm up as this could lead to strained muscles, sprained ankles, and other injuries. Start warming up 25 minutes before the race. You can do a 10-minute easy jog, followed by a short faster run. Stretch your muscles gently just to get them all set for the activity.

Following these tips will enable you to have a fun, safe experience. If you’re a beginner and it’s your first time joining a run, you definitely have to come prepared. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at risk. In case an injury or any other health problems occur during the run, there’s always a walk in clinic in South Hill Spokane that can tend to your needs.


What to Do Before Your 5K,