Urgent Care Professionals Explain the Many Health Benefits of Dancing

Are you thinking of attending the Lindy Town Community Swing event, but are hesitant to put on your dancing shoes because it’s been so long? If so, then you have all the more reason to decide to attend because of all the health benefits you can derive from it according to your local South Hill Spokane urgent care center.

health benefits of dancing

Various health benefits have been lauded as an offshoot of putting on your dancing shoes, from maintaining a healthy weight and improving cardiovascular functions to more balanced and improved moods. Here’s a quick look at them:

Weight Control

Whether it is a salsa or an interpretative modern dance, dancing is a good way for you to control your weight. Just with constant movement, you are already fueling your metabolism, which helps keep your weight under control. In fact, slow dances like the tango can help lose 200 calories per hour, while more fast-paced dances such as a foxtrot can up that number to 350. And that’s just for low impact dancing.

Dancing is also a great way to keep your muscles toned. The key to enjoying these benefits, of course, is to regularly practice.

Cardiovascular Functions

Keeping your heart pumped up is good for the improvement of your blood’s circulation. In order to do that, you have to keep moving, and that’s exactly what you do with dancing. Of course, you’re not necessarily expected to come out all sweaty every time, although it is an expected result if you’re dancing to the beat for long periods of time.

Working up a sweat is a great way to get up your heart rate up, which will improve blood vessel function. The rush of oxygen to your red blood cells also keeps them refreshed, so to speak, which allows the blood to course through your veins and arteries, leaving the rest of your body all flushed with a healthy blood supply.

Improved Moods

The benefits of dancing go well beyond just the physical, too. In 2014, for example, a study published in the Arts in Psychotherapy showed that dancing helps alleviate depression and anxiety among sufferers. The physicality of the activity makes it akin to simple aerobics, which therefore leads to the same result of releasing endorphins. This, in turn, improves and boosts one’s mood.

What’s great about dancing, too, is that it truly is such an enjoyable activity that if it becomes a habit you will find it easier to make it a regular part of your exercise program. So if you are looking for reasons to join the Community Swing, take out your dancing shoes and groove to the beat of vintage style dances, like swing, the lindy hop, and more.

You can visit a walk in clinic in South Hill Spokane, such as U.S. HealthWorks, to first check on your current health status, whether out of curiosity or if you want to keep track of how much your health improves once you start this healthy dancing habit.


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