The Dangers of Ice Skating and Ways to Avoid a Walk In Clinic Visit

The Ice Palace is a great place to hone and showcase your ice skating skills. You can practice different techniques and reap the benefits this sport provides. Ice skating improves balance, joint flexibility and leg strength, and enhances the health of your heart.


While it’s good for your body, it’s also a risky sport. There are many injuries that one can sustain, and the severity of them can send you to a South Hill Spokane urgent care clinic. Knowing the injuries and how to avoid them can help you skate safer and be more prepared.

Wrist Injury

Skaters often sustain a wrist injury when they try to break the impact of a fall. The crash can cause a fracture or a mild sprain. When you have a wrist injury, it means that your forearms radius, ulna bones, and your scaphoid (the small bone near the thumb bone) are damaged.

Knee Pain

Knee injuries can vary from minor soreness to a dislocation. When you receive a huge blow, the kneecap can go out of alignment. Or, knees can be twisted by the force required by certain jumps and spins, damaging the ligaments in the joints. Such injuries can cause a lot of pain that may subside through rest and physiotherapy.

Damage to the Foot

Since ice skating requires the foot’s full movement, injuries to this part of the body happen frequently. Thus, a high quality boot that will support the foot and ankle is crucial.

Tendonitis is a common foot injury that affects the plantar fasciitis, which is located at the bottom of the foot. Foot deformity is not unusual as well, such as a bulge on the outer joint of the big toe.

Leg and Groin Muscle Tear

Your legs and groin can also sustain muscle strains and tears. Because you need tremendous power to push upward to do a jump, pressure is put on those areas. Weak legs and groin muscles may not be able to handle that pressure, resulting in an injury.

These are only some of the injuries you’re exposed to when you’re on the ice. To prevent them, always warm up and stretch before going skating. Follow the instructions for the proper execution of certain techniques and make sure that you have enough training before attempting them. Guidance from your coach, as well as mental and physical preparation, can also help you avoid getting hurt. In an event that you sustain an injury despite these measures, go to a South Hill Spokane walk in clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks, for immediate treatment.


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